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I’m not sure it will works on every LG phones or not, so temporarily I can say it works with the LG phones that support LG Contents Bank only.

Software you need for the transferring :
LG Contents Bank (modem driver is included) It is for KG800. You can choose your phone’s software here.

Get free games from : (make sure the games you download are compatible with your LG phone)

I will start from the point where you installed the LG Contents Bank(KG800) and modem driver. For other LG phone model owners, you can get your LG Contents Bank by clicking here.

Now, let us start :
1. Don’t open the LG Contents Bank program(close it, make sure it’s not running). Go to C:\Program Files\LGGSM\LGContentsBank and open config.ini(you may make a backup of this file) with Notepad.

2. Look for the line of PROG_SETTING that reads EXIST_JAVA=N. Then change it to EXIST_JAVA=Y

3. Save as the file you edited. Make sure the save file type is changed to “All Files” before pressing the Save button.

4. On your computer, use Windows Explorer to create a new folder in C:\Program Files\LGGSM\LGContentsBank\Contents, name the new folder, Java. Now, the Contents folder contains 3 folders called RingTone, Picture and Java.

5. Put your games(.jar and .jad) in C:\Program Files\LGGSM\LGContentsBank\Contents\Java
In most cases you will only need to put the .JAR file but if that doesn’t work, you can try to put the .JAD file. You can use JADMaker to create JAD file for you.

6. Keep the phone slider open, and turn the phone modem on (Menu –> Settings –> Connectivity –> Modem –> Activate modem –> Yes, and then press the back button to get back until to the main screen)

7. Now you can connect the phone to the computer via USB cable.

8. Open the LG Contents Bank and you can see a new Java icon appeared.

9. Click the Java icon.

10. In the Contents Bank Tool menu, press Option and under Setting, Port, pick LG USB Cable and OK.

11. Click the Connect button.

12. Once connected, select the Java file you want to transfer and press Download button.


Opera Mini is one of the most coolest application for phones. Opera Mini works in most any Java-enabled mobile phones allowing us to get a full web page(support for WML) in our phone. It is a web browser. So, now you can check your email, friends’ blogs, or even the live result of your favourite sports team no matter where your are.

Opera Mini should be able to work in Nokia Series 60(Symbian Smartphone) without any configuration of the settings.

Here’s how to configure the settings in Nokia Series 40 3rd edition(no previous APNs setup on it) :
I will start from the point where you installed Opera Mini into your phone, but you can’t load pages with it.

1. Press Menu

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Configuration

4. Go to Personal Configuration Settings

5. Press Options, choose Add new

6. Choose Access point

7. Now go into Access point

8. Choose Bearer settings

9. Choose Packet data access point, enter APN address corresponding to your service provider.(you should be able to get it from your service provider’s website)

This is the example from service provider’s website;

10. Press OK

11. Make sure you activated this Access point you newly added

12. Now you should be able to start using Opera Mini

I learned a lot after joining the Zedge community and found the joy of the forums which completely changed my “lifestyle” in the internet. MSN? Friendster? Nah, Zedge is just way too cool and innovative. Check out the ZedgeConnect(The Zedge chatroom) and Zedge VoiceMaker(cool to make your own unique ringtone).

This is one of the pre-made template from Zedge VoiceMaker.

It’s quite boring yesterday, Monday. So, I took a picture with my Nokia 6280 outside the window of my classroom. :-p
A park and a lake. Nice view or not?
Yup, the quality of the picture would be better if taken by Sony Ericsson phones.

Everyone knows that we can create Nokia Series 40 3rd edition themes with S40 Theme Studio 2.2. But we saw some people downloaded some themes from internet and they like the themes’ ringtone very very much. Then they started to search the ringtone in everywhere. Actually, the ringtone they wanted so badly all these times is just right in their phone’s theme. We can get every contents like phone’s wallpaper, icons, screen saver, ringtones, slide/flip tones(for slide/flip phones), etc.

How are we going to do it?
There are 2 methods we can follow. I will go the easiest one first.
1. First one is we need a file extractor like WinRAR or Winzip to open theme. Once opened the theme, it will “break” into apart. Wallpaper, icons, screen saver, ringtones are separated allowing us to copy it out.

2. Second method is we need S40 Theme Studio 2.2. You can download it from here. After installed the S40 Theme Studio 2.2, open it and open the S40 themes you want to take the ringtone or pictures from. Then we click File –> unpack. And you’re done.

It’s very easy, right? No problem.
Hope these helps. It is my second blog post. If you feel my instructions above is hard to see or understanding, please let me know. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.2

Hi, this is green_lemon from Zedge. This is my first blog. Yes, you know I’m a Zedge moderator if you are from Zedge. Only 13 moderators in 5 million registered members of Zedgers. Am I lucky or what?

You can call me Mok. I am from Malaysia. It’s quite a long time for me to think whether I want to have my own blog or not. Why? Because I’m a boring fellow and don’t have much friends. So, who’s gonna read my blog? Zero readers? lol…

Well, I’m wrong. Good blogs will attract readers to come. Hey, I didn’t say mine is. Haha… So, I will try my best to put some good and helpful informations here.

I better stop here. No one wants to read a long long blog about intro. Hehe…

Hey, today is Chinese Halloween. Wish you all “Happy” Chinese Halloween. LOL…

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