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Settings for Nokia Series 40 3rd(Nokia 6280) : Opera Mini

Posted on: August 28, 2007

Opera Mini is one of the most coolest application for phones. Opera Mini works in most any Java-enabled mobile phones allowing us to get a full web page(support for WML) in our phone. It is a web browser. So, now you can check your email, friends’ blogs, or even the live result of your favourite sports team no matter where your are.

Opera Mini should be able to work in Nokia Series 60(Symbian Smartphone) without any configuration of the settings.

Here’s how to configure the settings in Nokia Series 40 3rd edition(no previous APNs setup on it) :
I will start from the point where you installed Opera Mini into your phone, but you can’t load pages with it.

1. Press Menu

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Configuration

4. Go to Personal Configuration Settings

5. Press Options, choose Add new

6. Choose Access point

7. Now go into Access point

8. Choose Bearer settings

9. Choose Packet data access point, enter APN address corresponding to your service provider.(you should be able to get it from your service provider’s website)

This is the example from service provider’s website;

10. Press OK

11. Make sure you activated this Access point you newly added

12. Now you should be able to start using Opera Mini


2 Responses to "Settings for Nokia Series 40 3rd(Nokia 6280) : Opera Mini"

what 2 say about ur bog i guess u don’t need any feedback or any suggestions cuz ur blog is simply amazing n a cool place 2 relax ( i mean flash my brain completely hehe) thnX 4 the info about Nokia s40 it needs lot of attention cuz i can see that s40 users r increasing day by day, thnx again 2 ur blog cuz am learning more n more each day i visit ur blog, i ‘ll b ur one n only regular visitor
thnX again 4 the info i get each day i visit ur blog ….
keep it up bro………

Hi, Saheb, the King. Nice to see you again. I didn’t expect you will come back to my blog again. Did you saw the music video I dedicated to you? about the Nokia N81. hehe…
Well, Saheb, believe me. You can make good blogs. All you need to do is put all the knowledge you know in it. I know you good in Symbian phones, softwares and mobile review. *wink* I will wait for your blog. Maybe we can link up our blogs. To gain more useful informations to readers. Blog just need help from other blog.
I could be stop blogging for 2 weeks cause I’m going to have examination.
But I will try my best to upload some useful informations here.

Thanks for the supports Saheb. Thanks.

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