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– Incoming call and message notification(The watch will vibrate and show who’s calling on the OLED display)
– Mute or reject incoming calls
– Control phones’ MP3 player(Sony Ericsson phones only)

The Watch

All navigation of this watch is via 2 buttons and the crown.
Top key – press to turns on the display of date, time, battery status and Bluetooth connection
Bottom key – press for settings page
Crown – control the time of the watch and as a controller for the MP3 player

This stainless steel watch is large and heavy to most users with a weight of 182g. It completely rules out for a man who have very slim wrists. However, MBW-100 will look stylish on large, man-sized wrists.

MBW-100 makes the regular watch looks like a children’s watch

You can recharge it, it has a built-in lithuium ion battery. It’s waterproof down to 30m. So, getting water splashed on it when washing hands will be not a problem. But recommend not swimming with it.

You can use the button to play, pause and skip to the next track. But the playback key functions are missing. MBW-100 battery life is 2 weeks out of the single charge.

The price of MBW-100 is approximately about 300 Euro. Click here for the YAHOO! Finance – Currency Converter. The MBW-100 is too expensive for such a limited features. The watch just need more features to be truly useful.


Sony Ericsson Theme Creator
– Supports all Sony Ericsson phones –
– Guidelines are there –

Nokia Series 60 Theme Creator
– Supports S60 Phones The following editions –
S60 2nd Ed
S60 2nd Ed FP1
S60 2nd Ed FP2
S60 2nd Ed FP3
S60 3rd Ed
S60 3rd Ed FP1
– Guidelines are there –

Nokia 7710 Theme Studio
– Nokia S90 theme creator –

Nokia Series 80 Theme Creator
– Nokia S80 theme creator –
Nokia Communicator 9300/9500

Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio
– Supports Nokia S40 phones –
– Guidelines are there –

Motorola MotoX
– Small editing of Motorola phone themes, been tested on V3, E398, and V551

Samsung ThemeConstructor
For Samsung Seres Z phones. The program is partially in English and it has most parts in Spanish.
Click this link to find a translation and instructions:
Creating themes for Samsung Z series
You need to have Java installed on your computer to use it.

Own Skin.com (online)
– Support most Nokia Symbian S60, S40 and Sony Ericsson models. Including the latest phone themes.
– Animated Themes –

Astod Theme Creator (online)
– Supports Nokia phone themes.


Edited : Thanks again to Saheb for providing Nokia 7710 Theme Studio and S80 Theme Creator *wink*

Thank God. After I wrote 8 posts in this blog, finally I received the first ever feedback of my previous post, 2007 phones. A positive feedback was posted in my Zedge profile guestbook. It’s from a moderator from the other forum site. Due to that site is a warez website and I put the link of my blog in my Zedge profile, so I can’t state out the name of that site. But I can tell that it’s a famous forum site for the symbian phone users(.sis files maniacs). Yea, nice to know a new friend. And I’m still waiting for the first ever comment on my blog. Haha…

He told me he will be waiting for the release of the Nokia N81. From that moment, I begin to look for more informations of the Nokia N81. OMG, I found the Nokia N81 is it’s more popular than I imagine. It’s currently the most talk about model among the newly announced Nokia phones. Yup, I admit I’m getting outdated of it.

Nokia N81

Nokia N81 Preview

Oh yes, I want to dedicate a song to the guy who sent me the first feedback in my Zedge profile guestbook. I really appreciate it. This song for you well describe your feelings on The Nokia N81. Believe me. LOL…

N81 by

(I already gave you the clue what famous site it is in first paragraph, please don’t ask me the site. I won’t gonna tell you. Sorry. Keke…)

Nokia announced two new Series 40 phones at the end of August 2007, the Nokia 5610 and Nokia 5310. The Nokia 5610 is a music slider phone. Unlike the previous models, Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300, the plastic-look are gone. And comes in a metal solid looks.

Nokia 5610 has bar shape slider button called Music Slider. It’s located below of the phone screen. You can slide it to the right or left to change or back the menus between phone menu and music menu. The motion of menu sliding moves smoothly, just like the iPhone. However, the response to the Music Slider command is a little lag or slow. Here is the video of the Music Slider.

Nokia 5610 is a 3G phone and support up to 4GB MicroSD memory card. It has a 3MP autofocus camera and two LED flash light. It can capture 30fps videos.

Nokia 5310

As for the Nokia 5310, this phone is very slim. Yup, unlike the Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300 fat and thick. The Nokia 5310 is 9.9mm thick. Like Nokia 5610, looks way more solid than the plastic Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300.

Nokia 5310 is lower class than the Nokia 5610. It is an EDGE phone. It has a 2MP camera, a 3.5mm jack socket(although it’s slim), USB connector. It can synchronization with Windows Media Player 10, you can manage your music library via USB Mass Storage.

Now, music for everyone with Nokia 5310 and JBL speaker.

It’s September of the year 2007 now. We have seen some new hot phone models like HTC Touch, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W880i, iPhone, etc. in the first half of the year 2007. Now let us see what kind of new phones the manufacturers announced for the rest of the half year 2007. So, start to save money now to get the latest phones. 😉

glofiish X800

glofiish is Eten first HSDPA phone in 113.5 x 60.5 x 15.8 mm size which is quite thin. It has GPS receiver and 2MP camera with autofocus. This device also have FM radio, Wi-Fi, A2DP and lots more, making the glofiish X800 as the must consider to have by the consumers who wants to buy a Windows Mobile phones.
► Coming soon on September*

HTC Kaiser**

It’s considered as the upgrade of HTC Hermes(Dopod 838pro), support 3.5G HSDPA and video telephony. It has a cool QWERTY keybroad. HTC Kaiser runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS and also have GPS system.
► Coming soon on 2007, 4Q*

Toshiba G900

Toshiba G900 using Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional and a high screen resolution 480 x 800 pixels. It has a side sliding QWERTY keybroad making the businessman more easy to input informations into the phone. G900 has a high security inside the phone data with a fingerprint sensor and a computer autolock functions. The phone will autolock when you are away the bluetooth range of computer. So that, other people won’t have chance to steal confidential informations from your phone. G900 supports HSDPA, WLAN and bluetooth connections.
► Available now

LG KU990 Viewty

The LG KU990 looks similar as the KE850 PRADA. Both devices have 3″ touchscreen. Difference between the both devices are the LG KU900 has a 5MP camera with Xenon flash light. It can take up to 120fps videos. KU990 is a HSDPA phone. It has FM radio, microSD card slot and video call supported. It’s one of the cool 5MP camera phones.
► Coming soon by the end of 2007, 4Q*

Motorola U9 / Z9** (I’m not sure it’s a rumour or not)

I’m not sure both of these phones are rumour or not. But Motorola are confirmed that they are going to add a new U and Z series phones into their phone list. From the U9 and Z9 pictures, it looks like a fans-made concept phones. The informations I found about these phones are U9 are continue the previous Motorola phone PEBL U6 style. Added a big second external displaytouch music buttons. Other functionalities are unknown. And Z9’s casing gives you the feel it’s like metal. It has a 256k colours screen and 2 MP camera. It doesn’t support HSDPA. But the buttons on Z9 looks pretty interesting.

Motorola Z8Multimedia Monster

The Motorola Z8 is been called by it’s manufacturer as Multimedia Monster. We can tell Z8 is focus on multimedia by that name. It has a special slide mechanism called Kick Slide which making the device in better ergonomics. It supports 4GB microSD memory card, A2DP and HSDPA. It opens high quality H.264 MPEG4 videos.
► Available now

Nokia N81 (The N-Gage are back)

Nokia N81 was newly announced by the end of August. We can tell this device is focus on music and games. It has large 8GB of memory, 3.5mm jack socket, music buttons, Wi-Fi and A2DP. It’s a new leading of Nokia music generation phone. And yes, the N-Gage concept are put into this device.
► Coming soon on 2007, 4Q*

Nokia N82**

I found Nokia N82 should be announce on the same date as the Nokia N81. But, no. It’s yet to be announced. I have no much informations about Nokia N82. If I’m not wrong, Nokia N82 will be the second 5MP with autofocus Nokia camera phone after the Nokia N95. Following the step of Sony Ericsson and LG, by adding the Xenon flash light in Nokia N82.It has Wi-Fi, GPS and HSDPA. If it is, Nokia N82 will be the new flagship device of N-Series range, which takes the place of Nokia N95.
► Not sure when it will be announce

Samsung G800

A HSDPA, 5MP camera and Xenon flash light mobile phone. It’s closest Samsung phone to the Samsung G800 is the newly announced on July of 2007, Samsung G600.
► Coming soon on 2007, Q4*

Sony Ericsson K850

Announced on June 2007. Sony Ericsson will be officially enter the battle of 5MP camera phones. Sony Ericsson K850i as a Cyber-shot camera phone, BestPic and Photo Fix function are still remained. The interface has been changed to become more similar to the Sony digital cameras’ interface. It supports HSDPA and both types of memory card, microSD and M2.
► Coming soon on 2007, Q4*

Sony Ericsson T650

The Sony Ericsson T series are back after the T610/T630. Sony Ericsson T650i is not a low class mobile phone. I almost got cheated by it’s simple looking. We can say the theme design of this device is simple and easy. It has a nice metallic body and very cool keypad light-effect. It’s integrated a 3MP camera with autofocus. It supports A2DP and M2.
► Available now

Sony Ericsson W910

The design of the Sony Ericsson W910 is a little similar to the W580/S500, slim slider phone. Sony Ericsson W910 supports HSDPA and has a new functionality, SensMe. Same as W580, you can shake the phone to change music tracks. But W580 can only change music tracks randomly. While the W910 can change tracks sequentially according the media playlist. Sony Ericsson W910 supports A2DP and M2 memory card. It is a complete music mobile phone.
► Coming soon on 2007, 4Q*

Sony Ericsson W960

Sony Ericsson W960 was announced on the same date as the W910 announced. Both phones are Sony Ericsson W series. Sony Ericsson W960 has a 8GB flash memory. It is the largest memory in Sony Ericsson phones. It can play up to 25 hours of music. It has the music touch buttons allowing us to change music tracks by just simply touch the music button. It has a 3MP camera with autofocus, Wi-Fi and in Symbian OS.
► Coming soon on 2007, 4Q*

* the date are just an estimate
** I’m not sure about this phone, it could be just a rumour

Is this a birthday week or what? Happy Birthday to Martin(Tincho_DJ), Wayne(amaway) and Behnam(Behnam_). All three of them are from ZEDGE moderator team. Coincidence huh? We say “hen qiao”(很巧) in Chinese. Of course, my birthday is also coming soon too. And also I want to add is Happy Birthday to Malaysia on 31th Aug. It is Malaysia’s 50th year of independence(Merdeka).

So, there are 5 Virgos(August 24 – September 23) here;
Tincho_DJ – 30th Aug
Malaysia – 31th Aug
amaway – 01st Sept
Behnam_ – 02nd Sept
green_lemon – 09th Sept

Happy Birthday~~

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