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Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5610

Posted on: September 2, 2007

Nokia announced two new Series 40 phones at the end of August 2007, the Nokia 5610 and Nokia 5310. The Nokia 5610 is a music slider phone. Unlike the previous models, Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300, the plastic-look are gone. And comes in a metal solid looks.

Nokia 5610 has bar shape slider button called Music Slider. It’s located below of the phone screen. You can slide it to the right or left to change or back the menus between phone menu and music menu. The motion of menu sliding moves smoothly, just like the iPhone. However, the response to the Music Slider command is a little lag or slow. Here is the video of the Music Slider.

Nokia 5610 is a 3G phone and support up to 4GB MicroSD memory card. It has a 3MP autofocus camera and two LED flash light. It can capture 30fps videos.

Nokia 5310

As for the Nokia 5310, this phone is very slim. Yup, unlike the Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300 fat and thick. The Nokia 5310 is 9.9mm thick. Like Nokia 5610, looks way more solid than the plastic Nokia 5200 and Nokia 5300.

Nokia 5310 is lower class than the Nokia 5610. It is an EDGE phone. It has a 2MP camera, a 3.5mm jack socket(although it’s slim), USB connector. It can synchronization with Windows Media Player 10, you can manage your music library via USB Mass Storage.

Now, music for everyone with Nokia 5310 and JBL speaker.


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