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Posted on: September 3, 2007

Thank God. After I wrote 8 posts in this blog, finally I received the first ever feedback of my previous post, 2007 phones. A positive feedback was posted in my Zedge profile guestbook. It’s from a moderator from the other forum site. Due to that site is a warez website and I put the link of my blog in my Zedge profile, so I can’t state out the name of that site. But I can tell that it’s a famous forum site for the symbian phone users(.sis files maniacs). Yea, nice to know a new friend. And I’m still waiting for the first ever comment on my blog. Haha…

He told me he will be waiting for the release of the Nokia N81. From that moment, I begin to look for more informations of the Nokia N81. OMG, I found the Nokia N81 is it’s more popular than I imagine. It’s currently the most talk about model among the newly announced Nokia phones. Yup, I admit I’m getting outdated of it.

Nokia N81

Nokia N81 Preview

Oh yes, I want to dedicate a song to the guy who sent me the first feedback in my Zedge profile guestbook. I really appreciate it. This song for you well describe your feelings on The Nokia N81. Believe me. LOL…

N81 by

(I already gave you the clue what famous site it is in first paragraph, please don’t ask me the site. I won’t gonna tell you. Sorry. Keke…)


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