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Enable N-Gage landscape option

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Some of you might not know that some N-Gage compatible Nokia phones do not support landscape mode on N-Gage games. Just like mine Nokia N82. I think the reason behind this is phones like N82 doesn’t have the A and B keys above. So it will be hard to play the N-Gage games in landscape view. The will be the acceptable point for Nokia to take away this options. However, I don’t agree they took away the landscape of particular phones. Most games are best viewed in landscape, but part of the N-Gage games are still controllable even without the A B keys above the screen in this view. Which I think Nokia made not a good decision.

Anyway, I got a file from symbian-freak which able us to mod the N-Gage to enable the landscape option for phone like Nokia N82. Here are the tools you need:

Now, follow the easy steps:

  1. hack your phone with HelloOX 1.03
  2. open file explorer, find C:\Private\10202be9\persists\20001079.cre and delete it.
  3. now replace 20001079.txt on C:\Private\10202be9\20001079.txt

Note 1: Don’t forget to backup your own 20001079.cre
Note 2: I failed to mod mine N-Gage at the first time. But I successfully modded on the second try after I formated my Nokia N82 for some reasons.


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