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Live DVB-H TV Demo On Nokia N97 with Nokia SU-33W!

Posted on: June 21, 2009

Nokia N97 and Nokia SU-33W

Nokia SU-33W

While music capability function is growing rapidly on mobile devices, big mobile phone manufacturers are putting their eyes on videos. Now you can enjoy high bandwidth live television on Nokia N97 with the Nokia SU-33W! The Nokia SU-33W which based on Mobile TV’s DVB-H technology, you can:

  • receive DVB-H mobile TV broadcasting via Bluetooth on your compatible Nokia mobile device
  • watch your favorite mobile TV programs and channels while on the go
  • enjoy excellent reception with the integrated antenna
  • receive voice calls while watching TV without interrupting what you’re watching

The Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W is a compact Bluetooth dongle which is capable to picking up Digital TV Broadcasts (DVB-H) and stream it wirelessly over Bluetooth to your compatible Nokia mobile device and bring you TV whenever you need it. So, all you gonna do is just turn on the mobile TV and stay tuned anywhere you have mobile DVB-H coverage.
Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld (DVB-H) is the technology driving mobile TV. A combination of conventional digital video and IP, DVB-H scales for smaller devices a technology that’s already in place in millions of TV sets worldwide.

Here’s the video of the Nokia N97 gets demoed with the Nokia SU-33W on DVB-H functionality.


5 Responses to "Live DVB-H TV Demo On Nokia N97 with Nokia SU-33W!"

pls, l needed this product how can l get it

Hi Williams, you can get the Nokia SU-33W from your local Nokia dealer.

Where do you get the software for the N97 to be able to use it.

I have the mobile tv software. If u are interested,send me an email ceejay80s@yahoo.com

Hi Ceejay

I would like to download mobile tv software to my nokia E72, pls advise. thanks & regards

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