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Nokia N97 durability – Stress Test

Posted on: June 22, 2009

N97Geeks took Nokia N97 for some tests, stress test! Let’s see the following videos. It’s gonna be hard to watch. LOL!

Test 1: Screen scratch test

Used the stylus, a coin and a key to test just how scratch resistant the screen on the Nokia N97 is.

Test 2: Pocket test

placed the phone in a bag, along with coins and keys to see what damage could be done if you accidentally put the phone in your pocket with other stuff.

Test 3: Paintwork scratch test

Test how easily the paint work scuffed and scratched.

Test 4: Cereal test

So just what happens if you drop your N97 in a bowl of cereal?

Test 5: Wash test

Washing with soap and water.

Nokia N97 passed the first 4 tests with flying colours! Although a few marks were cut. There were some condensation on the screen after the test 5 but it’s still functioning and should be alright after the device is dry. So, I consider it as a pass. You can read full review here.

Source: N97 Geeks


4 Responses to "Nokia N97 durability – Stress Test"

cool! thanks for sharing! someone needs to send these guys the zagg shield.. i wonder if that will help prevent the few scratch marks.

Sure! Surprisingly, the guy at N97 Geek thinks that N97 will be hard to get scratches even without any protection sheild.

Yeah, I want a mobile phone for my rush use, i think this will suit for me.

Hi guys…A question. My N97 underwent a wet spell over christmass, something like test 5 above, and afterwards the condensation cleared and the phone is working, but the backlight just wont light up, so cant use the phone when it gets dark…what may bethe problem guys??

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