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Fake iPhone 3G bought on eBay

Posted on: June 28, 2009

A customer bought an iPhone on eBay, which he thinks it was a real iPhone. It might be looking like a real deal at first, but quickly discovered it wasn’t when he started to handling it.

Just in case for people being fooled by the fake iPhone. Here is the informations of the real iPhone’s accessories should have in the box.

iPhone in the box

  • iPhone
  • Stereo headset with mic
  • USB power adapter
  • Dock connector to USB cable
  • Documentation
  • Cleaning/Polishing cloth
  • Sim ejector tool

iPhone Bag

iPhone Box

iPhone, Lying in State

iPhone Box, Top Level

iPhone Box, Bottom Level

Contents of iPhone Box

Activate iPhone

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3 Responses to "Fake iPhone 3G bought on eBay"

Hi,ive just bought x3 apple iphones 32gb 3gs boxed and look good unlock and work as a phone nice i got well rip of .yes i should of known better being old but thought gran kids would love them anyway such is life be careful only buy from main deakears thanks kind regards col. ps they r forsle lol.

Well… you gotta face it: at least with these phones there’s no worrying about unlocking. Also, kids these days are all about the hype… they don’t like the real iPhone because it’s so much better, they just like it because (in their minds) it’s so much more “real”… like an affirmation of status.

Yes, I brought an iPhone 4gs (3gs box says 4) and it’s okay… I’m 14 and I’d rather it over a real one. Really durable and its got an alright sencitivity. But does any-one know where to get games for it? Or what the default security code for phone lock is.

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