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Ubuntu 9.04 CD
Just got mail of Ubuntu CD from Ubuntu this morning. This is the Ubuntu latest stable version (9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)) which released on 23 April 2009. I can’t wait to install it tonight.

System requirements
Ubuntu is available for PC, 64-Bit PC and Intel-based Mac architectures. At least 256 MB of RAM is required to run the alternate install CD (384MB of RAM is required to use the live CD based installer). Install requires at least 4 GB of disk space.

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Hey, it’s been a really long time I didn’t post here. This blog has been missing it’s direction and a lot of things happened to me since a year ago until now. But some how, I feel wanted to post something in this blog today.

One of the big changes since the my post in this blog is I bought a black Nokia N82. I have been using it for almost six months. I’m totally satisfy with this device. Anyone who wants to take quality pictures… YOU CAN’T MISS THIS PHONE! The Nokia N82 camera with Xenon flash is absolutely stunning when taking pictures in dark environment.

I’ll be keep posting. So there will be some new posts coming within few days. It’s about what am I up to lately.

I have been busy of doing my university assignments over this month. Past few days I only have 3 hours sleep just because of these. Ya, little time for me to online for surfing net, check mails and moderate Zedge forums. There will be two more to go assignments to go next week.

Just passed up my web page design assignment on time. According this assignment instrustion, I need upload the web page to the internet for bonus marks. Well, it’s an interesting task for me as I haven’t upload web page before. So, here is my new born ‘baby’ URL address; http://teh-pot.freehosting.net/

My assignment’s website is incomplete on Internet cause I failed to upload the flash files, MP3s, and some pictures. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. The web hosting I use is http://www.freeservers.com. Please let me know what is the reason if you know about it. Thanks.

My website screenshot :-

I learned a lot after joining the Zedge community and found the joy of the forums which completely changed my “lifestyle” in the internet. MSN? Friendster? Nah, Zedge is just way too cool and innovative. Check out the ZedgeConnect(The Zedge chatroom) and Zedge VoiceMaker(cool to make your own unique ringtone).

This is one of the pre-made template from Zedge VoiceMaker.

It’s quite boring yesterday, Monday. So, I took a picture with my Nokia 6280 outside the window of my classroom. :-p
A park and a lake. Nice view or not?
Yup, the quality of the picture would be better if taken by Sony Ericsson phones.

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