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Bluetooth Terror has begun! BT Terror is an application that keeps trying to send the selected file after both devices connected with Bluetooth. BT Terror will record down how many times the victim has accepted or rejected the selected sending file. The victim won’t be have chance to turn off his Bluetooth once his device is being terrorizing. Try make a little fun of your friends. I’ve tested and bombed a Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones and file bomb any brands of mobile phone will be not a problem too.

Tools you need:

  • PythonForS60 and PythonScriptShell
  • bt_teror_launcher.py
  • bt_teror.pyc
  • lite_fm.sisx

Download here!

How to install:

  • place bt_teror_launcher.py into c:/python or e:/python (depends on where you installed python)
  • place bt_teror.pyc into c:/python/lib or e:/python/lib (create lib folder if the folder doesn’t exists)
  • then instal lite_fm.sisx (skip this if already installed before)

How to use:

  1. Open python > option > run script > bt_teror_launcher.py
  2. Press Start
  3. Choose the file that you want to send
  4. Choose the recipient in the New Devices. You can save the device to list. If the device already saved, no need to find new devices, just select Saved Devices
  5. Information about recipient will be on screen, press start
  6. On the 1st request for sending data from the recipient, you can see the text with information on the number of times the recipient clicked yes and no on file reception.

*Note: Don’t save the device if you get “NameError: Global name ‘mask’ is not defined

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