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For those of you that use Twitter – here’s a list of Zedge admins to follow:

Tagman – Co-founder and still involved in most things.

Hkjels – Gadget freak that spend most of his time designing gfx for Zedge.

MonsterGrr – The ?bitch in da house? trying to coordinate things.

Stigsb – Machine Head loving chief tech geek.

Norbag – Soccer dude with a foot in product design.

King_cant0na – CSS superhero with a taste for good soccer

For those of you interested in Zedge PRO: http://twitter.com/zedgepro


Yes, Zedge ringtones upload have reopen. I found a really nice Chinese song ringtone, especially Nokia phones. This ringtone starts and ends with a very iconically Nokia tone, Nostalgia. Then a girl will sing in the middle of the ringtone. It’s a very happy ringtone. I really like it. Thanks to wvojin from Zedge who upload this ringtone.

Really nice huh? You just have to click on the download button in Zedge Widgets(above) to download it. Free your phone.

Is this a birthday week or what? Happy Birthday to Martin(Tincho_DJ), Wayne(amaway) and Behnam(Behnam_). All three of them are from ZEDGE moderator team. Coincidence huh? We say “hen qiao”(很巧) in Chinese. Of course, my birthday is also coming soon too. And also I want to add is Happy Birthday to Malaysia on 31th Aug. It is Malaysia’s 50th year of independence(Merdeka).

So, there are 5 Virgos(August 24 – September 23) here;
Tincho_DJ – 30th Aug
Malaysia – 31th Aug
amaway – 01st Sept
Behnam_ – 02nd Sept
green_lemon – 09th Sept

Happy Birthday~~

I learned a lot after joining the Zedge community and found the joy of the forums which completely changed my “lifestyle” in the internet. MSN? Friendster? Nah, Zedge is just way too cool and innovative. Check out the ZedgeConnect(The Zedge chatroom) and Zedge VoiceMaker(cool to make your own unique ringtone).

This is one of the pre-made template from Zedge VoiceMaker.

It’s quite boring yesterday, Monday. So, I took a picture with my Nokia 6280 outside the window of my classroom. :-p
A park and a lake. Nice view or not?
Yup, the quality of the picture would be better if taken by Sony Ericsson phones.

Hi, this is green_lemon from Zedge. This is my first blog. Yes, you know I’m a Zedge moderator if you are from Zedge. Only 13 moderators in 5 million registered members of Zedgers. Am I lucky or what?

You can call me Mok. I am from Malaysia. It’s quite a long time for me to think whether I want to have my own blog or not. Why? Because I’m a boring fellow and don’t have much friends. So, who’s gonna read my blog? Zero readers? lol…

Well, I’m wrong. Good blogs will attract readers to come. Hey, I didn’t say mine is. Haha… So, I will try my best to put some good and helpful informations here.

I better stop here. No one wants to read a long long blog about intro. Hehe…

Hey, today is Chinese Halloween. Wish you all “Happy” Chinese Halloween. LOL…

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