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Some of you might not know that some N-Gage compatible Nokia phones do not support landscape mode on N-Gage games. Just like mine Nokia N82. I think the reason behind this is phones like N82 doesn’t have the A and B keys above. So it will be hard to play the N-Gage games in landscape view. The will be the acceptable point for Nokia to take away this options. However, I don’t agree they took away the landscape of particular phones. Most games are best viewed in landscape, but part of the N-Gage games are still controllable even without the A B keys above the screen in this view. Which I think Nokia made not a good decision.

Anyway, I got a file from symbian-freak which able us to mod the N-Gage to enable the landscape option for phone like Nokia N82. Here are the tools you need:

Now, follow the easy steps:

  1. hack your phone with HelloOX 1.03
  2. open file explorer, find C:\Private\10202be9\persists\20001079.cre and delete it.
  3. now replace 20001079.txt on C:\Private\10202be9\20001079.txt

Note 1: Don’t forget to backup your own 20001079.cre
Note 2: I failed to mod mine N-Gage at the first time. But I successfully modded on the second try after I formated my Nokia N82 for some reasons.


Lost the original Snakes 3D after formatted your Nokia S60 phone? You can get it back here.

Download here!

The Snakes is a whole new level based world of gameplay, containing over 40 stages of complex mazes with colorful and brilliant 3D graphics, not to mention the impressive gameplay generated soundscapes. Quick reflexes are needed in making those sharp turns and collecting scattered power-ups, shields, teleporters, and other specialities.

  • 42 levels of addictive gameplay.
  • Constantly changing soundscapes generated by the gameplay.

Play Frozen Bubble with accelerometer sensor! Samir added some new functions to the original Frozen Bubble. The description below explained the game’s features.

About Twisted version

New functions added to Elias Konstantinidi version.

  • Accelerometer: Use accelerometer sensor to play and to set settings:
    “Twist” your phone left and right and press a key (or touch screen) to launch the bubble.
  • Dynamic volume and balance: Change music behaviour according to phone position.
    There is 2 options:
    • Volume: The more you rotate your phone, the more volume will be less.
    • Balance: Stereo balance change according to phone positions (better with earphone ).

You can set you own music by putting a file called fbtwisted.mp3 in c:\Data\Others

  • BackLight: Dynamically change backlight intensitivity according to numbers of bubbles explosed.
  • Vibration: The more you explosed bubbles, the more vibration duration will be high.
    You have to enable vibration on your phone settings and unplug usb cable to get this option working.
  • Touch Screen: This version is partially ported to S60 5th edition platform, with touch screen and high resolution.
    To simulate OK key, touch the game screen.
    To simulate Up and Down keys, touch the arrows.
    To simulate left and right menu softkeys, touch the pinguins.

    A version fully compatible with touch screen and with a whole new design is at work.

Download here!

Click here if you are looking for the original Frozen Bubble.

You’re not a S60 phone user if didn’t play S60 Frozen Bubble before. Frozen Bubble is a S60 game which you can’t miss, especially the new S60 phone owners. Although, Frozen Bubble’s graphic isn’t as high as other S60 3D games we can find nowadays like the n-gage games and others. It is a very addictive classic S60 game. Thanks to Elias Konstantinidi who ported this game to S60 3rd platform.

As you probably already know Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game (especially in Linux platform). User controls a small canon, shooting bubbles and tries to hit other bubbles so to create groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Whenever this is accomplished these bubbles go away. The purpose of the game is to eliminate all bubbles from stage.

Download here!


Dance Fabulous is set to be release on 11th June 2009. Nokia has launched Dance Fabulous website recently and you can pre-order 30 days free game pass by browsing NOKIA.MOBI/DANCEFABULOUS with your n-gage mobile device.

Dance Fabulous is an innovative mobile dance and music game which players can pick the music in their phones music library to dance or create their very own unique dance steps. The game avatar is customizable and also able to share their dances with friends.

Dance Fabulous Trailer

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