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June was a huge month for smartphones. Apple released their new iPhone 3GS and Nokia began shipping their N97 to the North America. Both phones are GSM models and therefore compete with each other in the eyes of the consumer. From price to features, the app store to the camera this video highlights the differences between the two devices allowing you to decide which phone is right for you.

Just a heads up, in terms of voice quality the phones both are very good and therefore didn’t merit a mention in the video.



Web browser speed test between iPhone 3G and 3GS can be found anywhere on youtube. So pocketnow.com test the iPhone 3G, 3GS and Omnia i910’s browser speed. Enjoy the video.

Browsing the web is a huge part of any smartphone. Both the iPhone 3GS and Nokia’s N97 have good browsers but which one is better? This comparison highlights the loading speed of each browser and explains the benefits of each.

A customer bought an iPhone on eBay, which he thinks it was a real iPhone. It might be looking like a real deal at first, but quickly discovered it wasn’t when he started to handling it.

Just in case for people being fooled by the fake iPhone. Here is the informations of the real iPhone’s accessories should have in the box.

iPhone in the box

  • iPhone
  • Stereo headset with mic
  • USB power adapter
  • Dock connector to USB cable
  • Documentation
  • Cleaning/Polishing cloth
  • Sim ejector tool

iPhone Bag

iPhone Box

iPhone, Lying in State

iPhone Box, Top Level

iPhone Box, Bottom Level

Contents of iPhone Box

Activate iPhone

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A guy who was trying video on the new iPhone 3G S at the pool and dropped it in the pool. Don’t know if it’s waterproof, but it still works fine. He had a few people comment on seeing a strap in the video. He have a rubber cover and had put a strap through the earpiece hole to avoid just this type of thing. Unfortunately he didn’t have it on his wrist at the time. He thinks maybe the rubber cover helped with it not getting damaged.


iPhone 3G S comprehensive take apart and repair directions for the touch panel replacement, battery replacement and lcd replacement on the iPhone 3G S. The iPhone 3G S Touch Panel is also known as the Glasstop, Digitizer and Touch Screen.


iPhone 3G S photo taking

Apple iPhone 3G S Indoor Video Test

Apple iPhone 3G S Outdoor Video Test


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