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If you still haven’t join Search for N campaign, you gonna move fast because the final/fifth clue will be release in 2 hours from now.

If you have missed the previous clues, here’s the clues again.

Clue 1: At the tips of your fingers, a way to find your way in the dark? (Hint: It’s one of your five senses)

Clue 2: A Marvel comic. Also used for running applets on the web, computers or mobile phones. (Hint: Bridget, the midget likes to fidget with the __ .)

Clue 3: Without these six you couldn’t read this question. (Hint: The bold letters give you your answer!)

Clue 4: [(25)Megabytes] X 1,000 = ? (Hint: Really, you don’t need a calculator for this one)

Edited: Clue 5: Everything you need to personalize your Internet on your Nokia device can be found here. (Hint: Although it’s a store, you can’t milk, eggs or fruits there)

Note: The clues may be different in other countries. Visit Nokia Nseries Blog for details.

Good luck everyone!


The global ‘Search for N’ campaign has already begun. 97 lucky people will be the first to test drive the Nokia N97 in the world for free. There will be 97 Nokia N97 hidden across 13 countries. Click here to see which countries are included in this hunt.

During the campaign, each five clues will be giving on the exact date. The first person who give all correct answer will be awarded the secret location of a hidden Nokia N97.

To join this exciting search, go to Nokia Nseries blog. You can always check the answers there. Good luck!

Here’s the video to excite you…

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