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texting on the road

Car and Driver magazine conducted a test to objectively measure the effects of driving while sending and reading a text message and the result shows how dangerous it could be on the road.

To cover different age ranges, two separate tests were set up on a road course–a 22-year-old Car & Driver intern and the other with the 37-year-old magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Both drivers using a Honda Pilot as the test vehicle and drove a straight line and were told to hit the brake in response to a light that flashed on the dashboard. That measured their baseline that needed to measure the effects of texting and drinking reaction time.

The results showed that at 35 mph (56km/h), it took the 22-year-old driver an extra 21 feet (6.4m) to hit the brake while reading a text message, and an extra 16 feet (4.9m) while typing a message. At 70 mph(113km/h), it took him 30 extra feet to jam on the brake while reading a text, and an extra 31 feet while composing.

At 35 mph, the 37-year-old magazine’s Editor-in-Chief took an extra 188 feet to step on the brake while reading a text, and an extra 90 feet while typing a message. At 70 mph, he took an extra 129 feet to hit the brake while reading a message, and an additional 319 feet while writing one.

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Fancy of the iPhone sms style which has text conversation history viewing? junnikokuki got the idea by introducing Free-iSMS for Symbian S60 users. I’ve been using this application for a few weeks and found that it works with me perfectly. It shows the sender’s name and contact number when the decive received new sms which is missing in Symbian OS. The user interface isn’t running as fluid as the iPhone, there is no fluid but it fine for me. The conversation bubbles can be easily differentiated to read, short-cut key added, bonus features, etc. The only point I found hard to read the text is when scrolling down to read a long text message. You might miss where you just read it after scrolled down.


Download Here!

Free-iSMS is free of charge. You can make donation to the junnikokuki to show your support.

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