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Forgot the Nokia Security Code? You can regain the code back or reset to default settings.

Posted on: July 2, 2009

This guide has separated into two posts.

  1. Find Back Your Nokia Phone Security Code
  2. How To Reset Nokia Security Code

321 Responses to "Forgot the Nokia Security Code? You can regain the code back or reset to default settings."

does this work for n97?

I didn’t try this on N97 but I think it will work.

como saco el codigo de seguridad de mi nokia 3710

did it work for the n97?

Yes. It works on N97 πŸ™‚

thanks for the tip.

I tried the first part to get my code but in the pm file it didn’t have [308] 5=.

it went from 4= to 6=

so i tried the second part which was to reset factory settings and viola it reset and im back to using my phone.


dear the second method of restoring to factory settings seemed to work perfect on my 5800xm n when it restarts it asks for date n time(as if factory settings really restored) but the security code is still not 12345 😦 help me plz

I tried first method I could not see [5]= …
So proceeded to second method and could reset the time date but not the security code..
Help me plzz…

restore setting is not working in nokia 2700 classic

which handset did you try?
Co’z itried it and i found same pm file issue.
So tried second option, but the same thing. It did nt work n didn’t change to default 12345.

My handset nokia n97 32gb.

I also didnt see 5= in [308]. and have tried the 2nd option. at first it didnt reset to 12345. But after a few tries (a message should appear as completed or something like that), it should be in Test Mode (I used NssPro_0.52). 2013-01-20, reset success. =D

Thanks alot man.I’ve tried on my N97 And it did reset my Pass to 12345
Thanks again πŸ™‚

Glad it helps. πŸ™‚

Dude- for my n97 it gives me “error” when i reach the “scan” part, (step 7 above)- do u know what the problem could be?

i have the same problem do you know what to do?

Hi Mok,
I only have 1 attempt left on my pin1 code and have tried the above methods and none of them wok for the N97 v21.0.0.14 do you know of anyother way for me to resolve this problem.
I can’t take my phone to nokia care as the warrwnty is now void as i changed the product code to update the firmware.

Thanks for you help


it didn’t work for my n97…. I tried over and over till I don’t to read the tips anymore…. it is not working!

thxs a lot budiee ur post really helped me…..as i was using nokia 7610 supernova n tried ur des technique coz in all other scenario i failed bt ur post really helped me thxs…

its really working for 7610 supernova….thxs a lots….u really made me happy n saved mu money…..billions of thxs 2u….

thanks it worked for my nokia 5800xm

does this work for nokia 2700 classic?

yes it worked for my nokia 2700

not working on my nokia 2700

giving error

cn u plz tell how did you do that

Is this Problem is solved for nokia 2700, Memory card of 2 gb is locked ,how to unlock it


it does work for my N97…. I did a reset and it works fine

Hey, thanks a lot!
Your guide just saved my day after flashing new fw to my E71 I was stuck with the lock code.
12345 didn’t work, although showed in the first method dump to be just that? A bit odd, but second method worked a treat πŸ™‚

I forgot my lock code too, what did you do to get it unlocked n did you lose anything you had on ya phone
Please help, I’m deperate!

I tried it on N97. The first part completes successfully and informs that the .pm file has been created at the place as you have mentioned in your post. But actually there is no file created in the target directory.
I tried the second part as well to reset the code to factory default. The process completes as mentioned but the code is not reset to the factory one.
Any more advice available please?

There was no file in the target directory using the first stepes, but using the reset steps in second part, it changed to 12345 in my N97.

The file is located in temporary files just search the harddisc for the name of the file.

Hi, i tried doing this and it doesnt seem to work. when im in the nemsis service suite – i press scan – nothing shows up. what do i do?

Hi. I am stuck on scan. It says error. I have a N82 and i forgot the security password, so i cant open it! When i connect with cable it does nothing. What can i do?

It roxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this work if you are unable to turn on your phone due to lost security code? (nokia 5530)

In the first way I didn’t have the 5= in the section 308, so I tried the second way and I would like to confirm that it worked successfully on my Nokia N97 mini
Resetting didn’t clear all the data I guess only the date and time

Thank you very much

Hi i am not able to connect via data-cable, if i connect with data cable it ask for the permission for mode(PC suit, data transfer etc), and i can not sellect mode unless i unlock the phone,..

please help me sir how can i unlock my phone.

This tutorial can’t helps you unlock the phone. It only works on not locked Nokia phones.

so what is the other way to unlock the nokia 6300..??

unless i connect the phone with PC suit, i can not use NSS, so pleeeeeeeeese help me…

i am waiting for the solution..


i have forgotten the security code to my nokis e 72 and 12345 is nto working as well. what should i do to change

I’ve tried it with my E72 and it worked! Thanks man!

Hi what did you do to unlock your lock code cos I’ve forgotten mine!
Please reply n let me know

Hi. I am stuck on scan. It says error. I have a 5530 and i forgot the security password, what can i do..??

yaar.. i tried both steps. but not working on my E72.
suggest me something yaar..





yes its not working with e72….do you know how i can do it on e72

thanks man, it worked on my e71

hey, thanks! this tutorial was very helpful (forgot security code of Nokia 2700c) .. πŸ™‚

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx..very much..i reset my n71 lock code nss..thank u verymuch

Works for my 2700 clasic.

Note that it doesn’t work for all models.

Even I tried both the steps.. it still says wrong code. please help….

i m really thankful to guys who develop this software bcs Nokia will charing 200 INR for this service.
But by the help of this 2nd technique i restored my forget password of Nokia n97.
Again thanks

does it work on n-gage classic??

thanks for the tip.
I tried the first part to get my code.

Hats OFF!
U Saved My Life Man THNXXXXX

Hi Mok,

Thanks for the article but it did not work for me on my E-72. Same as what Sreejith encountered, no record 5 or 5th line in that file.

Any idea what’s happen?

Hello, I also could not reset my Nokia E72.

Anybody had success with this procedure?

Help me, please.

Skip the first procedure where you retrieve the code and go directly to the second procedure to reset the factory code (12345).

it’s not worked on 5530… damn fuck it,,,

This does work!! Spent hours upon hours looking for a solution. I encountered a lot of the problems already mentioned – until I made sure Nokia suite was not running – then worked fine.

hey thanks dude it really worked for my 2700c.
i am greatful to you.

thanks dude…it worked…….for nokia 2700c

Hello Dear,
I also have the same problem wit my NOKIA 2700. Please guide me too.

u ROCKS man!!!!!!!
thanks for the tips, now i’ve gained back my default lock code on my n97 mini, thanks man!!!

greate,tank u :-*

did’t work for n97

it really works for n97 thanks very much

very nice
good thinking
that u share u effort with all
i think u not only genius u also a great man
God bless u always

it works its awesome i had tried various things to break securioty code but just this one worked

thank you soooo much, worked perfectly,

you saved my life, thank you.

I cant do it! Cause when I insert the datacable into my nokia e72, it requires the lock code and does not allow me to choose the PC suite mode. so how can i go further?

Thanks a ton for these instructions. Just updated the software and was stuck on the code. Struggled a bit with NSS but finally it worked out. Thanks again.

2nd method worked perfectly bt still gives error en i enter 12345
pls help. im using 5530

it does not work for 5530xm… the backup .pm file does not exits.. pls help me…..

run NSS suite as an administrator . . coz in order to write date in C drive the application needs administrative privileges.

Depois de muitas horas a ler muitos sites, finalmente cheguei aqui e safei-me, consegui fazer reset ao codio de segurança

muito obrigado

it’s not working with my n79
in first part it doesn’t show 5 sector. It is 4 and then 6
when i tried the second part
after changing to local phone restarts but don’t show local mode on phone screen and then it shows reading error in
please tell me what to do
please help
please please

You’re the best man. After I installing the new firmware on my E71 (RM-346), the phone kept asking several times for the lock code. I entered 12345 for the first time, it worked, but the next times, it failed.

So I switched off the phone, pressed and held down *, 3 and talk/green keys while switching on the phone. The phone booted up but lock code still presented.

I tried to regain the security code. It was 12345 as default but the phone wouldn’t let me in. So I tried to reset the code.

Bravo, now everything is fine. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

thnx buddy i helpd me a lot

it doesn’t work on my N86.. i’ve done both steps ‘n i still can’t see the “308 5=” data. 12345 nor 00000 are still invalid. what’s wrong with my N86 ? please please please please please please help…. anyone ???

I am unable to open up the program file on my computer…the saved file is not there. Also I tried the reset, unable to do it in local mode. And in normal mode, doesnt work….please help!

Hi. This doesn’t seem to work for the 5530. Has anyone found a way to recover/reset the security code for the 5530? Thanks, I’d really appreciate the help. =)

The second step works like charm for my e71. I lost my lock code after upgrading to firmware 500

Hey!! I created d pm file of my nokia E63 but the code is shown as 12345 which is not my code. :(..i guess 1st method doesnot work with e63,e71 etc. as i had given a word as my code!

THANK YOU!! my e71 has been facing a prob whr even i hard reset, it will keep asking me to key in the lock code when it’s on.. no matter how many times, it still the same (most importantly even i key in 12345 also wrong lock code)..i dunno whats goin on.. then i tried this, to reset my phone.. it helps! tqtqtqtq!!

Thank you very much!
I worked on Nokia 6300.
Thank you!

does it work on nokia 5530 xpress music???
i tried it its says
PM backup saved to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NSS\Backup\pm\354200033122670.pm
but when that folder is empty

plz help

If your using windows 7 or vista make sure you click run as administrator!!!

Run NSS suite as an administrator . . .

try to search it with 354200033122670.pm this in c drive..even i was facing the same prob but i got my file in the end but when i opened it there no 5th rcd in [308]

Thanks bro !

A tremendeous software..Marvelous….superrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbb…..A great software..can unlock any mobile nokia

am using nokia e72- when doing the step for resetting code 8. Under Power Mode, click Local and then click Change button. At this part, your phone should restart, and you should see the text Local mode across your phone screen.- my phone just turned off i need take off the battery before i can turn it on again. please help- i really can set my phone lock 😦

thanks for this bro… you save my life… its work in 5530…

How ?? it doesn’t seem to work on my 5530 . . . = (
I followed the instructions to the word !! = (

Hi dear… can you assist me in resetting the security code for 5530?

After i’ve done this, will i lose my files in phone memory? reply asap!

Yes the second Method will!!!

THis WORKS!!! SOO COOOL i just reseted the security code of my S40 DEVICE….

for the SERIES60

THE SIMPLIEST WAY TO RESET IS JUST SOFTWARE UPDATE IT ON PC SUITE OR OVISUITE…select install if you are using the CUrrent firmware for your device πŸ™‚

thank you!

Wonderful Stuff Bro, Really great πŸ™‚

hey bro it worked 4 my nokia 2700c u have helped me so much thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………………….a lot

Both methods didn’t work on my nokia n86 8mp.. what should i do now? I have forgotten my security code.

Thank u very much.. Lol .. it worked on nokia N97 mini.. i couldnt find the key.. But i reset my lock code to 12345. thank u very much..

Thank youuuuuuu Mok,
Work in nokia E72 πŸ˜€
THank youuuuuuuuuuuu
Just one more thing about NSS, when you want to install it, choose Virtual USB Device to be able to recognize your E72.


i have done everything i have a N97 mini… it must be compatible with this as other people on here have already done it, i do not understand all mine says is “Scan for product… Error!” i dont know what im not doing right. i have down graded my nokia pc suite as mine wasnt doing it and someone said to downgrade.. no difference. ? i need help URGENT 😦 PLEASEE?!

Hi! please do help me on my n97 mini. i cant find 5= on 308,, i dont know why.. i cant also reset it because at the end procedure it always fail…:(

This trick works on my 2700 classic…………….

can u help me? my nokia 2700 classic is locked my security code is not opening the lock what can i do??

Which trick? Ma nokia 2700 classic iz jst sayin:code error!

Don’t work in my 5800xm… 😦

Thanks mate….the second procedure works like charm…

Wow! The second method really works. Thanks much!

Thank you very much !! it works on E72. I could change the CODE as 12345

A thousand thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man u r great….its reallly reallly worksssssssssss……..
thanx man….
god bless u…..

Man, you are just simply a genius! The damn thing worked, saved my E71 after I upgraded to v500 and it kept asking for lock code. Cheers!!!!

1st method doesnt works in ma nokia 5800…. m afraid if sumthings happens in 2nd step… as it is same like restoring the settings…. so help meh out..

ooppssss not even 2nd step… it doesnt works in 5800… dammnnn…

i am getting the same error can some body help me

Thanks a lot it worked and you have explained each and every step thank u a lot

Hey man when searching for mobile in NSS , it shows error
wat shud i do
pls help me to find security code

Thanks alot brov… i just did it wid my E72 πŸ™‚

Hi, I’m using a Nokia E71 and it was working perfectly fine. Then once when I powered it on, a lock code was being asked. I looked NSS up. At first, I thought it wasn’t working because when I try to scan it, it says ERROR. I realized that my PC Suite was on, so I terminated it. Scanned again, and it did. It said that a pm file was saved to C:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm\354855023429011.pm but the folder is empty. Please, what could be wrong?

I finally opened the file and it showed 12345 as the password but it did not work.


i forgot my security code of my NOKIA 5530 XM

Please help me…

No data cable works, no work out if security code has locked the mobile phone……….Just wasting our time……..if you dont know the real solution for how to unlock the security code then do not need to give your ass for fucking………..fuck you

Dear I’m unable to download Nemesis Service Suite. Please help me… THanx

Pls i have been trying to recover my forgotten security code from my N97 mini but the NSS is not scaning my new device, what can i do?

I have gotten it now but just that the codes are not showing colors so i cant identify them.

I tried every step by step as u’v said in ur post, it work exactly but the code it gave me didnt work, i used reset process but it didnt work still.

Thank You, I got my password back thanks to your method

I`ve installed pc suite and NSS but when i connect my phone and launch NSS, it doesent give me anything when i search for device… any help?

forgot to say. My phone is Nokia e71 and it stopped during software update, after which it requested for lock code… i`ve tried 0000, 12345 but it would not unlock…

Thanks alot. It work on my nokia E72. although i cannot regain the old lock code (because dont know what is field 308 … to technical for me) but i manage to reset the lock code to 12345. Thanks

where scan new devices on nss i looked in the top right corner its not there

Wow thanks for your help!!, totally worked for my piece of shit N97 that was unused for half a year. Stupid phone lost charge and must have corrupted the lock code. I know I didn’t forget the lock code because I have been using the same lock code as on my new phone. Now I can finally use it as a $500 alarm clock πŸ˜›

wow! it’s really great.thanks bro……..it’s work in my n97

it doesn’t work with my n97 32gb it shows folwing in device info and gives erre when try other steps
Reading Virtual USB device…Done.
->Serial: A39D1EBF, HW: 0.0
Testing Interfaces…
->USB DKU2….Supported.
->USB CA-53…Supported.
Testing Directories…
->DCT4 Loaders Dir(‘Flash’)……Found.
–>0 file(s) found.
–>Please copy the loaders first!
->ADSP Loaders Dir(‘FlashUsb’)…Found.
–>0 file(s) found.
–>Please copy the loaders first!
->DCT3 Loaders Dir(‘fls1sup’)….Found.
–>0 file(s) found.
–>Please copy the loaders first!
->Products Dir(‘products’)…….Not Found.

THANKS MAN…….DID GREAT SAVED MY TIME AND MONEY (to go to nokia service centre)…
lots of thanks to you man….


Thanks for this!! I own a N97 running v22.xxxx.
The first method didn’t work as there was no 5= under the [308] section.
The second method to reset it works like a dream, and no you don’t lose any information!!

And for those who are having trouble finding the .pm file, go to the specified directory and hit the ‘compatibilty files’ button (i’m using windows 7), on the 2nd bar from the top of the explorer window.

hey ma phone got locked nd i forgot ma security code wat to do now,….

my phone had on nd want security code wthout it how i choose defauit mode

Thanks bro for the help

Hi ,
i have Nokia 5530 Xpress Music model. i forgot the phone unlock code. pls help me how to unlock the code.


Hi ,
i have Nokia 5530 Xpress Music model. i forgot the phone unlock code. pls help me how to unlock the code.

my old sim was broken , so bought new sim , but i could not able to put my new sim as phone is locked with password .


wonderful….i have being trying to reset the code for such a long time but never succeeded but the steps above have got the code reset for me….Thanks a lot

it worked like magic boom!

i did as you explained but the 5th record wasn’t save!!
i don’t know what else to do!!

all failed.. i have a nokia 5800 xm…=( it doesn’t change or reset my forgotten lock code..

It didn’t work for my e71. :c

It worked very well for my N86. Thanks a lot man!!!!1

I entered 12345 and it still says code error?

Dude u r sooo awesome on other sites they jst show the first method which didn’t work for my Phones but the second one did … u are aweeessoooomeee

Thanks a lot Bro…

your guidance has helped me a lot …. Thanks again

Thanks & Regards
Mallikarjun Dudani

i tried this in my nokia e72. but not seeing the 5= record?
why any one can help me?

does it work for e72….tell me plz…

It doesn’t seem to work for my nokia 5530 xm. Any other way to change my lock code or recover the old 1?

Hi. I am stuck on scan. It says error. I have a 5530 plzzz plz plz help me..

hellllllllllppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

dude everything you gave is perfect. Nss worked to regain security code on other phones. But its not regaining or resetting on my n97. The problem is that i tried both the ways. I found [308] but 5= is not there in the whole text of [308]

I also tried hard reset. But same thing.

My n97 is working but, the thing is ‘lock if sim changed is active’ and i am helpless that i cant use other sim…

Please help me.

Thanks Buddy, Lock code recovery didn’t work on my N97 but the Restoration to factory default worked!!! For those that were having difficulties such as SCAN ERROR and other errors with the NSS software, all you need do is to keep monitoring the connectivity between the phone and the PC, you can disconnect and reconnect. Keep your task manager open to always confirm that PC Suite is not running after it recognizes connection cable. THANKS.

thanks bro, it really worked great stuff bro…

me i have the same problem with my e72 i can’t find the 5= 😦

please help what i’m going to do.. ?

i did the reset security code but it didn’t work on my phone… nokia E72 what am i going to do??

You guys are frigginh geniuses!!
the first procedure dint work for my e63 210.21.010 update.. but then resetting the code worked wonders πŸ™‚
thnx a million!


I started the process, but when i started the Scan button, It said Error.

Pls help

hi dear,
i really appreciate this is a very nice useful tips. tnx tnx a lot. its work fine.i got it. once again tnx a LOT.

Nice one.tnx

can this work on noki n97 mini??
please respond i beg of you

great dude really wrks

plz help me for nokia 5530 lock code i forgot my code 12345 is not working

does this work for nokia E63?

Tried that on My E72 and it didn’t work. Though after updating the firmware i was able to access the local mode and complete the steps, but to no change. I seem to have the same problem that under heading [308] there is no “5=” line, it goes straight from 4 to 6.

But i was wondering.. couldn’t you use the same software to write the desired lock code in the phone’s memory banks in the same format it is supposed to be? Would the phone execute it? The Software UI seems to allow editing a single Key under a Section.


Hard Reset (turn phone off, then push and hold shift, space and backspace and push the power button) fixed all my problems.. it erased all data but also the phone accepted the factory lock code (12345) and allowed me to change it.

i have tried both methods but of no use
help plzzzzzzzzzz

it worked!!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! you’re the only site where instructions are clear and so easy to follow.. Thankyou!!!

Not working in Nokia 2700 Classic

hey there what if my pc cant read the phone e63

yes i forgot security code for nokia 7610 supenova phone,,, can any one help me in getting master reset password

it is not working for nokia 2700 classic it is showing some error eeprom reading error… can u plz show me some way to unlock nokia 2700 classic

didn’ work for n97…. shame

wen i clicked scan button den it shows scan for product…error . wat this how cud i do it in 27oo c

will it work on nokia 5233

I tried using the steps to reset to factory above but experienced an error in reading the phone info. Why is that?

Hi there.
No one of methods didn’t work on my Nokia N97 Mini.
Please help me.thanks a loottttt

thanx,thanx,thanx,thanx,thanx,thanx a lot dear bro… πŸ™‚

i forgot the security code of 2730c what to do now……………



NSS n everything worked, but with both process unable to reset it, i have only last 2 attempts remaining, unable to get 5= under 308.
does it really works? i thought i will get my code or i can reset without loosing data, tried twice but no luck, any option or suggestions?

awesome man!! thanks a lot!! πŸ˜€

i forgot my security code on my nokia n97 mini can u help me plz

dont work on 2700! i just cant select usb mode, because it asks for code wich i dont know!

I got the same problem on a Nokia E72. Ovi recognized it only as a mass storage and NSS or JAF can’t read the usb port.
What next??? Don’t know what else to do. The screen on the phone stays white or ask for a security code. Than the problem cirkle is closed… Who has the smart solution…..

Im using nokia 2700 classic model…..and durin the scan process (i.e)7th step im gettin an error msg…..what shd i do now????


what happens if the phone is locked? I have Nokia E72, and when i connect the phone, it does not do anything since the phone is locked and i do not have the code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there any possible way to reset my security code when my phone locked with security code??? My phone model is nokia 2700c. Plx help me 😦

when i turn on my phone, and connects usb, this text pops up on the screen..
Unlock security keyguard to activate usb

plzz helppp… πŸ˜₯

hi Admin. Does it work in nokia c3-00. I am connected via cable. in the nss scanning in phone info it says error. what am i do?

hy gys i have nokia e72..i try it but i open the nss and scan phone info but yahan py eror a jata hy mera phone scan nhe ho rha ….likha ata hy scan eroor ….anny body help me

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dude the both steps r nt wrking for my nokia e5, wat can i do nw

tel me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thanks dude πŸ™‚

it`s working on nokia n-series

for details reach me on

realy i am very thankful to you it’s very helpful
thank u so much

thanks alot man….

2nd method worked on my n97 mini

when i click on the scan button it shows ‘error’ 😦


it only shows an “error” in my nokia 5530 xpressmusic

guys, help me plz how to unlock my phone C1-00. I forgot the security code. When i turn ON the phone it wil LOCK automatic and i cant go to MENU to use the ful restore factory to restart my phone. Plz help me wth my prblem im tryng my pass. To unlock the phone alm0st 2 days i do bt theres n0thng hapen. Plz help me. Or just send me a masage in my facebook . Emer john canadilla or emerjohncanadilla@yahoo.com… Tnx.

does nemesis service suite work with windows 7?

having nokia e72.

I tried all the way…all steps are done … in case of reset it goes well but at the end wen it restarts it still shows code error for 12345…and in case of regain it goes well but at the end it doesn’t saves the .pm file…

please help…..

waiting to hear soon from anyone of you…….

I have this problem:

If i click the scan button it says error below left. And i just keep doing the other actions but it also keep saying error. What can be the problem? Please help.


Hello. I am facing problem with my nokia e-63 fone. I tried using your method but was unsuccessful. I donot know, its showing error! in the dialogue box of NSS. I tried both the things, but was unsuccessful. Please help me.

it shows error while i tried to scan . plz help

Not work in 5530 there no 5= there D:

See my reply below.

i cant see 5 rcd when i try with my e72………..is there any other way …

As I posted above, if there’s no 5=:

Skip the first procedure where you retrieve the code and go directly to the second procedure to reset the factory code (12345).

Can you help me unlock my lock code on my e72 phone please

It’s awesome its working ………:) πŸ˜‰

thanks for this bro… Gr8…. it worked on 6208C

He is not work on nokia c1-01 try it any body don’t mind dear

um i downloaded the NSS but i cant find the scan devices Button?

I had this problem where buttons were off the screen due to my DPI setting in windows. The application is rather old and doesn’t scale well to large fonts.

Try reducing your font size and using standard DPI setting in Windows.

I have Nokia 2700 classic i forget my password plze help me (iga caawiya plze)

i forget my nokia 2700 classic mobile securety code, so when breac the code by nokia’s secret code

hello please can any one give me security code for nokia 7610 super nova , i just forgot
please help me
IMEI No :- 359331022810531
my mail id is :- gokul007harale@gmail.com
Cell No :- +(91) 8087 95 60 95
please help me as soon as possible

pls, i want to reset my code on nokia 27000?

I have a e72 and I have forgotten my lock code and if I put my sim into a different phone it still ask for code so I can’t look at personal stuff
Does anyone know what to do
Im desperate I have no phone

nokia 2700 classic restore code error plz restore for master code

for 5530 .
go to SETTINGS>PHONE>PHONE MGMT.>SECURITY>PHONE & SIM CAR>LOCK CODE (click lock code & just type 12345 then verify again 12345 & done!)

unlock code

need reset security code for nokia 2700c

help..i cant open my phone ..my code has been blocked.. i tried it many times

my phone is nokia 500

hey wat if i have changed my security code nd have forgotten it,.nd if da fone is in such a worse condition that the camera,bluetooth,medi player,radio,,,nothing are workin i really need ur help..i carry a nokia 6303 classic!!!!!

I forgot my security code 4 E72 nokia how to do reset again I can’t open I only answer. Call only

how can i unlock my nokia 2700 classic security code

Ma 2700 nokia,i fogot security help me

I need help I have change my password on nokia E72 on my new password I have used space bar as one the letters bt now i don’t know what went. Wrong because I have switched it of and every time I punch in my password seem to be wrong plz help me to resert my password please!!!!

I need help please help me I want to resert my password on my nokia E72 what can I do?

How do I resert my password on my nokia E72? Help plz

Hi I have a nokia X2 and Nokia 9300. I havent been using them phones as I have new phones, and I am trying now to use them. I have forgotten the security codes, and when I try to turn them on, it asks for security code. I cannot do anything wothout the code, for example, I cannot open my nokia ovi via the phone, because the screen needs to be unlocked first.. What can i do? I do not have proof of purchase for these phones either

Lost secruty code. Expres 5130c-2

i hav forget my n95 security code pls can someone help me to regain it back

Security code lag gya hai .kese khole nokia2700

please help me to get my forgoten security code

second method works n m using my 2700 classic again thanks

this is good, very good, now i have a nokia e63 not connecting to pc. I have pc suite and my cable works just fine coz i tested it on another e63 i have. Please help

i cant open my phone nokia 2700classic ..my code has been blocked.. i tried it many times

plzzzzzzzz help me 😦

my cellphone is going to start up but it doesn’t unlock.

dear sir,my nokia 7610 supernova mobile phone is security locked i forgot my password when phone is switched on disply shows asking the security code how to reset the password plz help me sir.

My phone nokia 2700 are security code locked my problem is solved than explane it

Plz tell How can I reset my password in Nokia 2700 classic..

I forgot security code for my mobile phone.
Model; E72-1
Type; RM 530
IMEI; 357895042628984

Plz why you do not help me to regain my security code for nokia E72 as I gave the discriptins above?
Plz help me!

i want to unlock my nokia e63

I need my security code

nokia 2700 secutariy code

Fuck u,i opened a 3 yr locked phone with this software.
This is just amazing people,sheer brilliance.
Thumbs up to the uploaders.kudos,u ppl r god

i forgot my password of nokia e63 model what shall i do?:(

sir i have nokia n97 32gb plz tell me how can i unlock my mobil psswerd

Hi i have nokia2700 i forgotten my secure code and i want to restore

I want to reset my nokia 2700-c but i cann’t remember security code how can i pls help.

i hope it works for my nokia5530

restore setting is not working in nokia C6 pls help me

2nd method worked like charm..man dis is awsm..e63 fully restored!!

It really help that code *#7370#/12345

i need help i forgot my security code plz email me my emei is 358324030032751

how can i unlock my nokia 2700 classic security code that i have forgotten

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx its working

i want the reset code for nokia 2730c-1 (secret codes),, i forgot th code

nokia c5 forget security code 359329049105158

i would like to reset my security code on my n97 i fogot code even i put 12345 its wrote code erro

I hv nokia 2700classic, i lost the security code, i cnt operator,unlocking keypad need security code..please i also dnt hv valid IMEI numbr..hw cn i get tht password?

Please i lost my nokia 2700classic security code..help


I did a soft reset on my nokia e71 and it keep asking me lock code.I can’t remember my lock code and I try the default 12345 and 0000.please help me

can u unlock my security code for noka 2700c-2 my IMEL is 358256045432487 .

forgot my code for nokia 1280 with imei no. 352433/05/308284/5. please help with security code

dose it work in nokia 103 ??

my lose security code nokia 113

I want to by pass my nokia 2700c security code.i for got it.

I want to unlock my Nokia Asha 302

For get secutiy coed

I want my phone to be unlocked. Here is my imei number3515170455463877

How can i reset my nokia 2700c if i do not know the security code?

Hi,i forget my nokia 2700 classic security code.my phone imei number is -356233047100455.pls give me the master unlock code for my phone unlock.

Sir,I have forgot my security code. Nokia2700 cla.plz send me solution for ds email.thx

Pls I need to unlock my phone……nokia 2700-c….the imei num is 353394041957796. Thank

i forgot my lock code on my nokia E63 and i want locking code that i can use them plz plz

i have nokia e72 and trying to fo factory settings but the problem is the lock code so plz try to find one that work in order to solve the problems in our phones.plz plz

My phone is nokia 2700 classic is loked plz help me

Help me with my nokia2700c i forgot security code imei 353417045210449 plz

I hav nokia c1-01 mobile with me. I forgot my security code. How can i get it back?

hi imy mobile n8 use forgot security plz help

Forgat my nokia7610s phon code

My phone e63 reset factory code tel me

E63 factory reset code imei 356836028354964

i want to security code 2700

I lost my nokiaasha200 security code nd i want to restore d factory settings…

The features of restoring factory settings in the phone cannot reset the security code. You can use NSS pro to reset your security code.

nt gud..atol

Please tell me the solution i for nokia2700classic i forget security

Isn’t there a universal code?

There is no universal code for new phone models.

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