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Japanese “subliminal master” Hideto Tomabechi claims the ringtone should trick the brain enough to enhance breast size in females.

The result is positive. The “trick” with the ringtone is that it gets interpreted by the brain (or so Tomabechi claims) as the sound of a baby crying. The brain has the power to change body chemistry and whatnot, and when the brain hears a baby crying 20 times a day for 10 days, it should signal that certain of a female’s anatomy to grow bigger.

I hope this breast enlargement ringtone won’t have side-effects on men. LOL… According to the video, Hideto Tomabechi is working on ringtones that make people fall in love in first sight, increase human memories and encourage hair growth. Hey, that’s great!

Click here to download the breast enlargement ringtone.



Everyone knows that we can create Nokia Series 40 3rd edition themes with S40 Theme Studio 2.2. But we saw some people downloaded some themes from internet and they like the themes’ ringtone very very much. Then they started to search the ringtone in everywhere. Actually, the ringtone they wanted so badly all these times is just right in their phone’s theme. We can get every contents like phone’s wallpaper, icons, screen saver, ringtones, slide/flip tones(for slide/flip phones), etc.

How are we going to do it?
There are 2 methods we can follow. I will go the easiest one first.
1. First one is we need a file extractor like WinRAR or Winzip to open theme. Once opened the theme, it will “break” into apart. Wallpaper, icons, screen saver, ringtones are separated allowing us to copy it out.

2. Second method is we need S40 Theme Studio 2.2. You can download it from here. After installed the S40 Theme Studio 2.2, open it and open the S40 themes you want to take the ringtone or pictures from. Then we click File –> unpack. And you’re done.

It’s very easy, right? No problem.
Hope these helps. It is my second blog post. If you feel my instructions above is hard to see or understanding, please let me know. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.2

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