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Adobe said just announced that it will release a beta version of its Flash player for some smartphones before the end of this year.

This company has made getting Flash support onto smartphones as a top priority. In previous years it has tried doing this with scaled down versions, but recently admitted defeat for this strategy. The new plan is to bring the full version of Flash to most devices.

Adobe said today that a beta of Flash Player 10 for smartphones will be introduced at its MAX conference this October.

Coming To Some Models
In today’s announcement it didn’t give any details on which smartphones this player will be supporting. However, Adobe said recently that it’s working on a beta version of a Flash player for Google’s Android, Palm’s webOS, and Nokia Symbian S60. When the company was first talking about this software last year, it included Windows Mobile on the list of supported operating systems.

The outlook is less rosy for two of the biggest mobile platforms, though.  Adobe does not know when versions of Flash will be available for Apple‘s iPhone or RIM’s BlackBerry models. There are apparently either technical or business issues blocking these two.

More About Adobe Flash
A Flash player is on virtually all desktop PCs, but this technology has only been slowly creeping onto smartphones. Devices without it aren’t be able to easily view many web sites, as these depend on Flash for navigation.

In addition, popular sites like Hulu, Fox on Demand, and NBC.com require a high-performance Flash player to view their videos.



This is the Nokia N86 8MP flash for time screensaver. You will love this cool screensaver if you are a fan of fancy and animated stuffs. I got this from symbian-guru. So you can download the file here(right-click and save). You will notice there is a battery notification above the time, if you left click the file on the computer. Somehow, the flash doesn’t show the bettery notication on my Nokia N82. Anyway, it is still a sweet screensaver even without it.

To set it up as screensaver, simply put it on your device(anywhere you like). I put mine in memory card/other. Now follow the steps below to make the screensaver work properly written by then82blog.

1. Go to Themes > Power Saver
2. Select Animation (make sure a check mark appears next to it) then hit Options > Settings
3. Select Animation File, then browse that gif or swf file you wanted to set as screensaver.
4. On Animation Time-out, indicate how long you want your screensaver to stay visible on display.
5. On Light Time-out set it to off, or to a value that is longer than the Animation Time-out.
6. Go to Display Settings.
7. On Power Saver time-out, set the number of seconds for how long you want the phone to wait before displaying the screensaver.

8. Still on the Display Settings, select Light Time-out, then set it to a value that is longer than (the value you set on [step 4] plus the value you set on [step 7])

That’s it. Step 8 is important so that backlight is available until the screensaver is finished doing its job. You won’t like the light off already when the screensaver have not started yet or while the screensaver is playing.

Tip: On [step 4], the maximum possible input is 60secs for animation time-out. If you want your screensaver to be displayed the longest time possible, I suggest setting it to a value that is just equal to (60secs minus the value you set on power saver time out [step 7]) and then on [step 8], set the light time out to 60secs. That way, the screensaver stops playing as soon as the light times out. Saves some battery.

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